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Tracklution webhook - Basics

Tracklution's webhook provides a seamless and efficient way to enrich data with information from various external systems, including CRM, booking systems, billing systems, ERP, and calling systems.

Webhook enables to effortlessly bring additional tracking data to Tracklution, such as offline conversions and additional conversion data. Whether it's obtaining insights from sources that may not be directly linked to the website or safeguarding sensitive information, Tracklution's webhook offers a user-friendly and powerful solution for optimising data flow.

Webhook Endpoint URL

The URL for the Webhook endpoint is:


Webhook query parameters

When making a GET request to the endpoint, following query parameters need to be set:

kYour Tracking Container Keyyes
trackIf you want to record an event, e.g. “Purchase” or “BookingComplete”, send the event name in this field. Without ‘track’ parameter the incoming data is handled as additional information and Tracklution tries to match it into an existing session data without adding a new event to the session.no
valueIf you are bringing in a Purchase event with the ‘track’ parameter, and you want a value being recorded to this event, insert the value in this fieldno
currencyIf you are bringing in a Purchase event with the ‘track’ parameter including ‘value’ parameter, insert currency in this fieldIf ‘value’ parameter is used, then required
urlThe URL of the page where event happened or additional data was obtainedno
phoneNumberPhone numberno
firstNameFirst nameno
lastNameLast nameno
birthdayBirthday, example input: 1985-06-17no
genderExample input: ‘male’ or ‘female’no
addressStreet addressno
postCodePostal codeno
externalIdExternal ID that could be any unique identifierno
gclidGoogle Click ID, if availableno
fbclidMeta Click ID, if availableno

The Tracking Container Key is a unique identifier for your Tracking Container. You can find it on the "Your Tracking Containers" view in the Tracking section of the Tracklution Dashboard.

Request examples


Remember to set up Webhooks according to our onboarding guide inside your Tracking Container. The examples below include test data only for demonstration purposes.

Webhook Request