LinkedIn Connector

LinkedIn Conversion API Connector

The LinkedIn Conversion API Connector is used to send data to LinkedIn's Conversion API. The connector uses the LinkedIn Conversion API (opens in a new tab) to send data to LinkedIn.


You will need the following to complete the setup of the connector successfully:

  • A LinkedIn account with access to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager (opens in a new tab)
  • Your LinkedIn account needs to have one the following permissions enabled:
  • A LinkedIn Ads Campaign that is either in "Active" or "Draft" status.
  • Your LinkedIn Ads Account's Partner ID

LinkedIn Connector Setup

Choose the LinkedIn Connector from the "Connectors" section on your Tracking Container's main page. You will be redirected to the LinkedIn Connector's setup page.

Authenticate with LinkedIn

First you need to authenticate yourself with LinkedIn. Click the "Authenticate with LinkedIn" button to start the authentication process. You will be redirected to LinkedIn's authentication page. Enter your LinkedIn credentials and click "Allow" to grant the connector access to your LinkedIn account.

Fetch Ad Accounts and Campaigns

Next we will fetch your LinkedIn Ad Accounts and Campaigns. Click the "Fetch Ad Accounts and Campaigns" button to start the process. The connector will fetch all your Ad Accounts and Campaigns.

Select Ad Account and Campaign

Select the Ad Account and Campaign you want to use for the connector.

Conversion Rules need to be created and associated with the selected Campaigns for every event type used. Tracklution will handle creating these Conversion Rules and associations with Campaigns for you.

Enter Partner ID

Enter your LinkedIn Ads Account's Partner ID.

Setup completed

Great! You have successfully configured your LinkedIn Connector and the associated LinkedIn Ads Campaigns to use with the Connector.

You will now see the Ad accounts and campaigns and the Conversion Rules on the bottom of the page that Tracklution will use to send your data to LinkedIn Conversion API.