Tracking Events
Event Mappings

Changing Event Mappings

In Standard and Custom Events section of the dashboard you can review all current event mappings in use. If you haven’t edited them before, these are basically the standard mappings by Tracklution. Now you also have the possibility to remap any events sent towards individual Connectors.

Standard and Custom Events table will list all standard events by default. If you use any custom events, Tracklution will automatically catch them the first time such a custom event is recorded in the incoming data. In the picture below you can see an example of a custom event, named “MyCustomEvent”.

The Standard and Custom Events table also has a handy column that shows the number of each event recorded during the past 7 days. These numbers can be compared to your own statistics to cross-check and ensure Tracklution is receiving data uninterrupted. Also a handy way to debug Tracklution installation is done correctly!

Standard and Custom Events table

Just press “Edit >” in any given row and you will be able to edit mappings for this specific event:

Edit mapping

For example, you might have named a finalised purchase in your website as “PaymentCompleted” event, but you wish it to be sent to Connectors as a “Purchase” event. This can easily be done via the Standard and Custom Events table!