Tracking Events
Monitoring Processed Events

Monitoring and Debugging Events

You can monitor the events that Tracklution has processed and sent to your Connectors by going to your Tracking Containers page and scrolling to the "Processed Data" section.

Processed Data table

The Processed Data table shows the events that Tracklution has processed and sent to your Connectors. The table shows the following information:

  • Connectors: The Connector(s) that the event was sent to.
  • Contact Information: The contact information of the user that triggered the event.
  • Timestamp: The time that the event was triggered.
  • Source: The source of a session if such source is identified.
  • Latest URL: The latest URL that the user was on when the event was triggered.
  • Events: number of events that the user triggered.


Individual session data

When you drill down to the individual session level, you can see all the events fired within this specific session and additional information on each event. You can also see additional session information, such as UTM tags recorded for this specific session.

Individual Session

Filtering events based on event name, Connector, Source and date range

By default, the Processed data table lists past 5000 events. However, what to do if you want to figure out for example how many “Lead” events there were exactly on a certain date or date range? You can use the Event search.

Available Search parameters:
  • Event Name
  • Connector (all deliveries/succesfull deliveries)
  • Source
  • Date range

Search Options

Just type in the event name you’re searching for and select the wanted timeframe. In this example, I wanted to filter all Lead events that occurred from January 28th to January 30th, 2024. And don’t forget to press the Apply button to execute your search!

The search will return you all hits for that specific search:

Example Search

At the bottom of the table you can see the amount of total events found for your search:

Total Amount of Events

We also have some ready-made filters available for more convenient quick filtering:


You can also further filter by free text search:


Flagging sessions

If you want to flag specific sessions for further inspection or for example for a team member to take a look at, you can click on the little flag icon on the right side of the session row.


Flagged sessions can be filtered out with the little flag icon on the event search row at the top of the Processed Events table.