Create Tracking Container

Tracking Containers

After you have created your account and given your company details , you can setup your first Tracking Container.

Create Tracking Container

A Tracking Container is a collection of tracking events and connectors to be used with your website. You can create multiple Tracking Containers for different websites or different sections of your website.

Give the new Tracking Container

  • a name (e.g. "My Website")
  • URL for your website (e.g. " ")
  • Default Country: Tracklution will automatically use this country as a default when incoming data lacks country information. For websites attracting international traffic, this preference can be customized by specifying the country for each tracking event on a case-by-case basis.
  • Default Currency: Tracklution will apply this currency as the default in the absence of currency details in the data received. If your site processes transactions in various currencies, you can override this setting by individually assigning the currency for specific tracking events, like purchases.
  • Default Timezone: We ask you to select your timezone to ensure the Tracklution Dashboard is perfectly in sync with your day. This allows us to provide a tailored experience, displaying information and updates at the right time for you.

and press "Create"


After You Have Created the Tracking Container

After you have created the Tracking Container, it should appear in the list of Tracking Containers. Click on the "View" button on the Tracking Container to open it.