Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Connector

Facebook/Meta Ads Connector

The Facebook/Meta Ads Connector is used to send data to the Facebook/Meta Conversion API.


You will need the following to complete the setup of the connector successfully:

Facebook/Meta Connector Setup

Choose the Facebook Connector from the "Connectors" section on your Tracking Container's main page.


Press "Edit" on the Facebook Connector and provide the following information:

  • Facebook/Meta Pixel ID
  • Facebook/Meta Conversion API Access Token


If you are ready to go live sending data to Facebook Ads, toggle the "Live" button and press "Save". Otherwise you can save your details by pressing "Save" and later come back to toggle the "Live" button.


Please note before activating the Meta Connector in Tracklution: If you have previously included the pixel code in your website's header or footer HTML or e.g. via GTM, you must remove or deactivate existing pixels. Otherwise, the pixel will fire twice and lead to inconsistent data in your reporting. Meta Connector in Tracklution includes both the Pixel and Conversions API which allows Meta to deduplicate events.

When your Connector is live, your collected data will be sent to Meta Pixel and Meta Conversion API (Facebook and Instagram Ads).