Enrich existing data

Enriching existing data with webhook

Another useful use case with Tracklution’s webhook is enhancing existing web conversion data, such as obtaining insights from sources that may not be directly linked to the website or safeguarding sensitive information that you don't want to be available to anyone via the browser.

Enriching could mean additional contact information or for example setting value for Purchase event in case the value is not available on the web (e.g. recording profit data instead of revenue data).

To enrich existing data successfully, Tracklution has to be able to match webhook data with existing session data. Read more about Matching webhook data with other session data.

Request examples

Parameter ´externalId´ is used for matching in this example.


Remember to set up Webhooks according to our onboarding guide inside your Tracking Container. The examples below include test data only for demonstration purposes.

GET and POST request examples