Cookie Compatibility

Compatibility with Cookie Consent

Loading Tracklution tags after Cookie Consent has been given

The most common installation method is to set up Tracklution tags to load only after cookie consent has been given, in a manner similar to how other tracking tags are typically loaded post-cookie consent. This is the default assumed installation approach.

Remember, the first PageView should be triggered immediately once cookie consent is given; it is sometimes observed that the first PageView trigger occurs only after the user moves to the next page, which can result in the loss of important information from the beginning of the session, such as UTM tags and click IDs.

Advanced Consent Mode Implementation

It's is possible to implement Advanced Consent Mode, allowing Tracklution tags to load immediately upon site visit and support Consent Mode v2 towards Google Ads and Google Analytics 4. Additionally, this integrates the customer's cookie choices into Tracklution.

The most critical aspect of entering Consent Mode values is that they should be communicated to Tracklution as quickly as possible, ideally at the start of the session or when the cookie consent is obtained/updated. Many have implemented this alongside the PageView tag, ensuring it continuously accompanies the session and updates if choices are revised (e.g., consent is given after several page loads or during a purchase event, when a customer relationship is established, providing a basis for data processing).

Either of the following models can be used, depending on which is easier for the installation:

Simple model:
	lsq('set', 'Consent', {'analyticsConsent':'granted', 'marketingConsent':'granted'});
More advanced (Google) model:
	lsq('set', 'Consent', {'ad_user_data':'granted', 'ad_personalization':'granted', 'ad_storage':'granted', 'analytics_storage':'granted'});

(Values either 'granted' or 'denied')

Additional Information:

If, for instance, in the event of a purchase, terms of use acceptance or customer relationship establishment provides a basis for data processing but cookie consent was not initially obtained, purchases can also be reported to a webhook as an offline conversion. This also functions as a method to complement conversion data in the "Loading Tags After the Cookie Banner" installation approach. Read more about Webhook