The values on my "Purchase" events are wrong

Check the code for the "Purchase" event on your website. Are the values for "value" and "currency" setup correctly? If you are using a variable for the value, make sure that the variable is setup correctly. If you are passing data to the "lsq" function call, make sure that the data is setup correctly.

If you hard-code the value for these fields, they will remain the same for every event sent. So they need to be filled dynamically by the code on your website.

E.g, if you want to send the sum of the purchase in the "Purchase" event, you need to pass the sum to the "lsq" function call correctly from your system.

Example of correct code:

    lsq('track', 'Purchase', {value: 2.25, currency: 'EUR'});

You need to set the appropriate "value" and "currency" values to your event on your website! The values here are just placeholders for demonstration purposes.

For more information about the "Purchase" event, see the Tracking Events section.